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Advanced Credit Cooperative Software

Comprehensive Features of Credit Cooperative Society Software

Advanced Credit Cooperative Software offers a variety of features to efficiently manage the all financial operations of credit cooperatives or credit unions. Automation is the latest development of technology which has been widely used across various industries. In credit cooperative software you can get feature automation for effective use. By adding this latest development, the software can handle multiple functions like registration of members, calculation of interest, loan management etc.

It is serving to clients with all the latest features of credit cooperative society software. This software can efficiently administer all functions of your credit cooperative business and make it financially sound. It is customizable so you can add changes in the software as per your needs.

Advanced credit cooperative software focuses on all the comprehensive features mentioned below. We are here to add more features to our software solution as per your choice. You can easily contact us for discussing more such features in the software for your need.

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Advanced Credit Cooperative Software features

User-friendly simple interface

Our software is easy to use and maintain. The graphical user interface of it is made intuitive by our dedicated programmers. After login, you will see the beautiful dashboard, where you can find a brief snapshot of the total operations.

Easy Mobile and Web Access

Accessing the software via web browser and mobile can make the lending process super-fast. You can easily access our software on the web as well as on your mobile. We have developed a core banking system in our software for this purpose. It simply means you can handle all the data at the present time on multiple devices. We are willing to add more features like this to our software as per your need.

Quick Adoption

Giving a proper induction to the users before installing the software is very essential. Therefore, the developer must make the software ready to adopt by users. The credit cooperative society software that we provide is easy to implement and users can learn to handle it within a few hours. Our clients have adopted our software till now with ease.

Automatic Account Management

Adopting automation in the account management section will ensure the proper functioning of all accounting tasks. Our automation-based software has the power to handle accounting tasks with some simple instructions. You can get an automated accounting process with advanced credit cooperative software. We ensure that our software will update the ledger, balance sheets, daybooks and reports instantly.

Advanced Credit Cooperative Software
Advanced Credit Cooperative Software in Kolkata

Easy Customization

Accommodating the latest changes must be an included feature in cooperative credit software. The software must handle changes as per the new policies of the government for credit cooperative society. It can manage the latest changes and accommodate them in the system. We keep our eyes on the cooperative banking sector to spot changes and make them realized through our software.

Real-time Report Access

In your cooperative society business you need to communicate with all the members as well as clients simultaneously. Our credit society software features will give the power to enhance your communiqué capability by many folds. From now on, you can send automatic SMS texts to all the necessary stakeholders as well as outsiders of the Company.

Strong Data Protection

Encryption of crucial data is a must for software that deals with cooperative credit society. Multilevel encryptions and strong password protection can make the software efficient. We ensure a strong level of data protection in our software. We have enabled multilevel encryption mode for extra protection of your vital data.

Benefits & Modules of Credit Cooperative Software

Updating the credit cooperative software as per the current changes can only make it effective. Therefore, the developers of the banking software always look for adopting the latest trends in the industry. Managing the functions of a credit cooperative would become very easy with software that has accommodated all the latest features. We are in the software industry dealing with all the latest developments related to accounting operations.

Advanced features of credit cooperative software

  • Member Management and Registration: A cooperative credit institutions can have any number of members and it can increase the numbers autonomously. Nowadays, people can access the credit cooperative software via digital spaces. So registration of new members and managing the members can be done smoothly with this software management system. We are experts in making cooperative software that can manage members efficiently.
  • Loan Management and Processing: Assessing the loan schemes and finding lending potentials is very important for a cooperative society to grow. With the use of automated accounting software, you can quickly manage all active loans and plan lending activities. Our software in this sector is very efficient for managing loans and processing.
  • Online Banking and Mobile App Capabilities: Installing potent cooperative software can enable features of core banking solutions. You can provide online banking facilities to all your cooperative members with the software. The members can get access to the benefits of the cooperative society via the mobile application. We develop software that can handle online banking and facilitate mobile applications.  
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting: A credit cooperative Institutions deals with lending activities for its effective functioning. It lends to its members and finds alternative lending procedures for better credit growth. Hence, recording financial data and report preparation is essential for society to work in multiple areas. Advanced credit cooperative software can efficiently manage financial accounting operation and process financial data accordingly.
  • Security and Integration: As credit cooperative societies handle the vital information about their members thus the software must include strong security facilities. The latest credit cooperative software handles multiple aspects of data security and maintains a strong data encryption process. All your vital key information will get processed securely with our efficient software.
  • Computerized Modules for SMS: In your cooperative society business you need to communicate with all the members as well as clients simultaneously. This software features will give the power to enhance your communication capability by many folds. From now on, you can send automatic SMS texts to all the necessary stakeholders as well as outsiders of the Company

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Branch Master
Region Master
State Master
Plan Master
Rank Master
Commission Master
Relation Master
Bank Master
Configuration Master
Target Master

Account Opening Entry
Account Approval
Account Transaction
Account Transaction Approval
Auto Interest Calculation
Auto Interest Payment
Account to Account Transfer
Account Search
Account Ledger
Account Report (All Category)
Account Passbook Print

Member Joining Approval
Associate Joining Approval
Investment Approval
Investment Renewal Approval
Certificate / Bond Approval
Savings Account Approval
Savings Account Transaction Approval
Loan Approval
Maturity Approval
Payment Approval
Cheque Business Approval
Other Approvals

Commission / Voucher Payment
MIS Payment
Spot Commission Payment
Maturity Payment
Advance Payment and Adjustment
Loan Payment
Prize Payment
General Account Related Payment
All Payments Transfer to Savings Account

Joining Acknowledgement Print
I-card Print
All Kinds of Money Receipt Print
Bond and Certificate Print
Passbook Print
Voucher Print
CLD Print

Auto SMS
Individual SMS
Group SMS
Notification SMS

HR Master
  a. Department Master
  b. Designation Master
  c. Holiday Master
  d. Salary Master
Employee Master
Weekly Off-day Setup
Off-day Settings
In and Out Timing
Employee Leave
Employee Leave Approval and Confirmation
Attendance In and Out
Leave Adjustment
Salary Generation
Salary Payment
Print Salary Slip
Employee Search
Block / Unblock Employee
Appointment and Offer Letter Print
Attendance and Leave Report

Member / Advisor Entry
Member / Advisor Search
Member / Advisor Joining Report
Member / Advisor Detail Report
Member / Associate Wise Search
Advisor Chain
Member / Advisor Down line
Member / Advisor Transfer
Member / Advisor Rank Promotion
Active & Inactive Member / Advisor
I-card Print

Loan Master
Loan Group Master
Single Loan Entry
Group Loan Entry
Loan Requisition
Loan Approval
Loan Disbursement
Loan EMI Payment
Loan Payment / Approval Report
Loan Disbursement Report
Loan Search Member / Branch Wise
Loan Account Ledger

User Management
Create User ID and Password
User Type Master
User Tracking
User Block / Unblock
Modify & Delete Any Data
User Activity Report
Send Notifications to Members and Associates
Inter Branch Communications

Member Modify
Associate Modify
Investment Modify
Investment Renewal Modify
Savings Account Modify
Savings Account Transaction Modify
Loan Modify
Loan Approval Modify
Account Related Entry and Payment Modify
All Payment Modification
All other kinds of Modification

Member / Associate Search
Investment Search
Total Business Search (All Category)
Associate Self and Team Business Search
Loan Search
Savings Account Search
Approval Search
All kinds of Payment Search
All kinds of Print Pending and Due List Search
Maturity Search (All Category)
Team Wise Search (All Category)
And many more (Upto 50 types of search)

Automatic Dividend Calculation
Automatic Interest Calculation
Automatic Voucher Generation
Automatic Installment Generation
Automatic Penalty Calculation
Automatic EMI Calculation
Automatic Cash sheet Generation

Stock Master
Category Master
Item Master
Supplier Master
Purchase Order
Stock Received
Order Book
Scrap Items
Distribution Requisition
Distribution Requisition Approval
Distribute Stock
Sale Invoice
Invoice Lookup
 a. Inventory Report
 b. Purchase Report
 c. Distribution Report
 d. Warning Report
 e. Sale Report
 f. Scrap Report
 g. Stock and Out-of-Stock Report

Investment Entry
Renewal Entry
Multi-renewal Entry
Multi-investment Multi-renewal Entry
Investment / Investment Renewal Approve
Renewal Pending List Branch / Associate Wise
Search Investment
Business Report
Business Report Plan Wise
Business Report Summary
Business Certificate / Bond Approve
Business Certificate / Bond Print
Spot Commission Payment
Certificate / Bond Dispatch Tracking

Maturity Master
Maturity Requisition
Maturity Approval
Maturity Payment
Maturity Part Payment
Maturity Re-investment
Maturity Search (All Category)
Maturity Report (All Category)

Voucher Master
Voucher Root
Voucher Generation
Voucher Search and Print
Voucher List Search and Print
Voucher Summary Associate Wise
Voucher Status Report Print and Pay
Voucher Payment
Advance Payment and Adjustment
Voucher Payment Transfer to Savings Account

Cash Book / Bank Book
Account Head Creation
Expenditure Group Creation
Budget Creation
Expenditure Entry Requisition
Expenditure Entry Approval
Expenditure payment
Other Income Entry
Budget Expenditure Requisition
Budget Expenditure Approval
Budget Expenditure Payment
Budget Expenditure Report
Branch Fund Transfer
Branch Fund Transfer Approval
Day Book
Trail Balance
Auto Cash / Balance Sheet
Cash Sheet Summary
Bank Deposit Entry
Bank Withdrawal Entry
Bank Account Ledger
Day End Denomination Entry
Branch Day End Closing

All kinds of Member / Associate Report
Business Report (All Category)
Business Report Plan Wise
Business Report Summary
Associate Collection Report Branch Wise
Associate Collection Report Rank Wise
Associate Self and Team Business Report
Savings Account Report
Loan Report (All Category)
Income Expenditure Report
Bond / Certificate Print and Dispatch Report
Cheque Business Report
All kinds of Approval Report
All kinds of Payment Report
All kinds of Investment Report
All kinds of Modification Report
TDS Report
All kinds of Account Related Report
All kinds of Print Report

Modify Password
Update Some Information
Check Their Self and Team Business
Send Joining Requisition
Send Investment Requisition
Send Investment Renewal Requisition
Loan Apply
Loan EMI Payment
Send Account Opening Requisition
View Their Account Summary
Transfer Fund to Other Account
View Their Loan Status
View Last 6 Months Voucher
Utility Bill Payment
View & Print Money Receipt
Last Activity
My Notification

Real Time Update
Highly Secured
All data are Encrypted
Mass SMS /E-mail
SMS / E-mail Notifications
Fully Customizable
All Reports for Audit Purpose
User Friendly GUI
Easy to Handle (Without having any computer knowledge)
Bar Code Facilities
24*7 Online Support

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