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Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS) Software

Best Primary Agricultural Credit Society Software

The digitization of PACS (Primary Agricultural Credit Society) operation is one of the major focus points of the government in recent times. Introducing new schemes to sharing benefits and providing inputs for the development of farmers are the main areas of PACS. Adopting efficient PACS Software will bring flow to society’s operation. Farmers can get timely updates about the schemes and benefits can get easily deported to their accounts with the software.

We understand the operation of PACS very well through our experience over the last decade. It can ensure that our software can handle the operation of PACS coherently and provide the best experience. Get always feature advanced tools and the latest technology for developing PACS software. This software is based on latest technology for effective functioning of a centralized database. We can deliver our PACS software anywhere in India across the cities.

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Benefits of Primary Agricultural Credit Society Software

Helping the farmers to accumulate their savings is the primary goal of the Primary agricultural credit society. A PACS also receives funds from the government for the betterment of farmers. Hence, having PACS software will help society to do all its functions efficiently. You can get many other benefits from this software which is mentioned here.

  • The software will integrate multiple channels of the PACS mechanism and help to manage their respective functions.
  • Estimates the loan potentials and assesses the risk-return aspects of each agricultural loan.
  • Executes all transactions smoothly and prepares reports for that.
  • Eases the process of delivering benefits to the farmers. You can check our Demo of PACS Software to understand it better.

Get a user-friendly interface to interact with the day-to-day business of PACS.

Why Choose Primary Agricultural Credit Society Software?


Helping the farmers for getting loans easily will help the Indian agricultural economy to grow sharply. Thus, the government is focusing on PACS development across the country. Getting Primary Agricultural Credit Society Software will enable automation in the system and help to grow the PACS smoothly. We aim to make the rural economy self-sufficient so it can access loans easily. We have pointed out the reasons why you should choose Primary Agricultural Credit Society Software here.

DBT to farmers

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) has always been a priority of PACS. The society receives funds from the government which must be distributed among the farmers. The software can easily track the farmers and provide them with assistance timely. This software will list the farmers and set priority goals for distributing DBT smoothly.

Estimate loan potentials

Calculation of loan repayment potential is a must for a PACS to grow fast. Tracking the loans, calculating EMIs, measuring deposit rates and other important functions can be done through this software. You can check the PACS software free download to get an idea of how to software works for this purpose. We ensure high-end accuracy in the accounting functions in this software. 

Manage the members

Besides the main functions of PACS managing the farmers is a very vital element that needs to be dealt with ease. This software is built on a social business framework which can manage members efficiently. Registering new members, updating KYC, balance checks, sending SMS alerts, etc all these areas are covered in it.

Our vast area coverage

We are having an experience more than 16 years in the PACS software business and have a large base of happy clients. We are covering almost the entire nation for delivering efficient quality Primary Agricultural Credit Society Software. You can have our support from any corner of the country across cities. You can try our free demo to validate your needs for installing our software in your PACS.

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